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Trash CartPer ordinance, municipal trash carts are now mandatory for all municipal trash customers (§91.66).

Order Your Trash Cart(s)

A $10 delivery fee is added to all online orders. If you do not want your cart delivered you can purchase it at the Drop Off Facility, but they only accept cash and checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are trash carts now required of all municipal customers?
These containers allow for safer, cleaner and more efficient trash collection. Over the course of 2019 and 2020, they will facilitate the expansion of automated collection, which reduces the number of employees needed on a garbage truck from three to one. This is expected to dramatically reduce worker injuries and save taxpayers over $100,000 per year in workers compensation costs. Refuse collectors will be redeployed to expand and improve other City services. A Dedicated Action and Response Team (DART) is being formed to address some of Manchester’s most pressing needs, including: sidewalk maintenance, illegal dumping cleanup, and pothole repair.

See the results of our successful automated collection pilot program.

What if I have more trash than will fit in my cart?
You have three options:

  1. Bring it to the Drop Off Facility (fees apply)
  2. Hold onto it until your next collection
  3. Arrange for an overflow collection (program starts December 1; rules and limitations apply)

If lack of space is a recurring problem, consider purchasing an additional cart.  Remember, there is a maximum of two carts per unit (i.e., a single-family home may place up to two carts for collection; a two-family may place up to four carts).

What if I have a large item that does not fit in my cart?
Please see Bulky Items for options.

What is the delivery fee?
Online orders placed after August 30 will incur a $10 delivery fee.

What size cart should I buy?
This depends on a number of factors, including the size of your household and how much you recycle.  Typically, a 35 gallon cart will hold at least two standard trash bags; a 65 gallon cart will hold three to four bags; and a 95 gallon cart will hold five to six bags.

Do the trash carts come with a warranty?
Yes.   All carts are warrantied against breakage for ten years from the date of manufacture.

Will my trash now be collected with an automated truck?
Over the next two years, automated collection will be phased in to cover about two-thirds of Manchester's municipal trash customers.  For logistical reasons, alleys, one-way streets, and some adjacent neighborhoods will continue to be serviced with a semi-automated truck at the conclusion of this transition.  See Map.

Where and how do I place trash carts for collection?
Please see Trash Collection for details.

Are there penalties for not using a trash cart?
Yes.  Anyone who places materials in violation of City ordinances or departmental regulations may be fined.

Where do I store my carts in between collection days?
Trash and recycling carts must be removed from the right-of-way after collection and stored on private property.  Per ordinance (§91.66), no carts may be stored in the front yard, or forward of the building line, if there is other available outdoor space on the property.

How do I obtain a recycling cart or get an additional one?
Submit a Recycling Cart Request.

I already have a green City of Manchester trash cart. Do I need to buy a new one?
No.  Any trash cart previously acquired through the City is acceptable.  These carts have a green body, black lid, wheels, and handles.  On most, but not all, there is a City of Manchester seal on the side.

May I use a trash cart that was not acquired through the City of Manchester?
Any trash container placed for collection must be approved by the Department of Public Works, Highway Division, for style, size, color, and durability.  If you wish to use a non-City container, you must contact the Highway Division no later than October 1 for an assessment.

Must I use municipal curbside trash service?
No.  Your other options are to dispose of your trash for a fee at the Drop Off Facility, or to contract with a private hauler.

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